Velvet Rain Drop Pillows

A Duralee fabric that is a modern velvet rain drop, and is considered very chic. This pattern has multiple color ways and is offered in multiple sizes used throughout the design community. The size shown is 20" but larger sizes make this pattern much more dramtic. MEMO SAMPLES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

This pillow is fun a playful with a small velvet pattern. The picture shown is a 20 inch, and it's fun rain drop pattern beautifully executes the combination of colors and would liven up any space it was placed in.

The fabric used on this pillow is by Duralee, which has always produced the highest quality and most contemporary material on the market today. This modern velvet pattern is gaining steam in the modern world and is considered very chic.

This pillow would be best utilized when paired with a large patterned pillow and/or furniture pieces that contrast the colors used in this pillow.

Memo samples are available upon request.

Products specifications
Pattern Type Velvet
Pattern Type Polka Dots
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