Paisley Pillows

These large scale paisley designs are printed with open spacing against a solid ground, giving it a dramatic look. Its classic tear drop shaped motifs feature simplified lace-like details, which add to its decorative appearance. The color palette is softened and features many different shades.

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Bright Paisley Throw Pillows

Although paisley is a traditional design, the use of colors is fitting with today’s more modern style. These throw pillows feature multiple colors for their backgrounds.The scale of the pillows in the pictures is 20x20" and we do offer MEMO SAMPLES for these four different color ways but by request only.

Puritanical Java Pillows

Introducing the large scale traditional throw pillow! This throw pillow can be made in various different sizes and is amazingly comfortable with a down/poly blend insert. The large pattern take up most of the surface of the 20x20" size pillow, and has a tan and gold background in between the velvet design. The back of the pillow has a tan linen that coordinates with the tan in the front. Memo samples are available upon request. THIS FABRIC IS BACK ORDERED UNTIL 4/25/2015